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Recreational Gymnastics

General Gymnastics

We offer after school recreational classes for ages 4-16 and all abilities. Sessions last 45 minutes. Fees are payable on a termly basis and all gymnasts will require British Gymnastics membership after their first session. See Here.

recreationalGymnastics for Dance (Thursday 4:30) is a floor skills based class where you can learn and develop gymnastics skills such as walkovers and flics used in dance in a safe environment tought by qualified coaches.

The Advanced Rec. Squad (Tuesday 5:30pm) is an open group for those who are passionate about gymnastics and want to do more than the standard 45 minute class. For this class you will need solid rolling, cartwheels and handstands. Participants also have the option to enter county and regional competitions at the Novice and Intermediate levels alongside our main squad.

Recreational 1 - 3:45pm - Age 4-6
Recreational 2 - 5:15pm - Age 6-8

Recreational 1 - 3:45pm - Age 4-6
Recreational 2 - 4:30pm - Age 6-8
Advanced Rec. Squad - 5:30-7:30pm - Age 7-16

Recreational 1 - 3:45pm - Age 4-6
Gymnastics for Dance - 4:30pm - Age 8+
Continuation - 5:15pm - Age 8+

Continuation can be combined with Gym4Dance as a 1 1/2 hour Advanced class at a reduced rate.

Recreational 1 - 3:45pm - Age 4-6
Recreational 2 - 4:30pm - Age 6-8
Continuation - 5:15pm - Age 8+

Holiday Periods
Gymnastics Camp - These are day long fun workshops involving games, gymnastics, circus skills and other fun activities.
Family Fun - Uncoached drop in sessions where the whole family can play.


Classes may be added or changed to meet demand.


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