Regis Gymnastics was set up in 2010. Gymnastics is a fun and sociable activity that can help develop confidence and physical ability and awareness for children and adults. Our ethos is to provide a fun, safe and inclusive environment with a broad range of classes to suit all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

If you have any questions about gymnastics, suitable clothing and joining please see our FAQ section.

Adults & Seniors
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British Gymnastics Membership
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Summer Term the last week of term is the week commencing 10th July.

Summer 2017


Summer Holiday 2017

Over the summer holidays we have gym play sessions for ages 1-6 and 5+, classes, special first aid and self defense workshops and a sleepover! Classes, workshops and sleepover need to be booked in advance, download the booking form here.


British Gymnastics Membership 2017-18

EXISTING MEMBERS: Your British Gymnastics Membership runs out in SEPTEMBER and MUST be renewed if you are continuing with your gymnastics. Due to a change in legislation British Gymnastics Memberships must now be purchased by YOU via the British gymnastics website rather than through the club. This needs to be done in SEPTEMBER.

Once you have purchased your membership we will be notified and mark it on our registers.

IMPORTANT: Even if you have paid your class fees we CANNOT allow anyone to participate if they do not have valid membership, please make sure this has been done. On the plus side memberships should be cheaper this year!

Gym Geris


Movement classes for seniors, work on strength, balance and co-ordination. Suitable for complete novices. Please contact us for more information and to register your interest.

At present we have waiting lists on most of our classes, but get in touch if interested.

pre-school gymnastics
Pre-School Gym

Fun sessions and classes for children aged 1 to 5. Develop motor and social skills and learn the basics of gymnastics.

General Gymnastics
Recreational Gym

After school gymnastics classes for children aged 4 to 16. A great way to get exercise and build confidence.
General Gymnastics

A floor skills based class where you can learn and develop gymnastics skills such as walkovers and flics used in dance.
Freestyle Gymnastics
Freestyle Gym

Learn acrobatic skills required for Parkour and Freerunning, Tricking, Breakdance and Streetdance, etc.
Adults Gym
Adult & Seniors Gym

Sessions for everyone ages 16+ and 50+. A fun way to exercise and learn something new.

Gymnastics has huge benefits for children with disabilities. Regis has a track record of inclusivity at all levels.
Squad Gymnastics
Squad Gymnastics

Our squad gymnasts compete in General Floor and Vault at county and regional level competitions.


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